ISUZU 14 kW Marine Diesel Generator (Keel Cooled)

ISUZU 14 kW Marine Diesel Generator (Keel Cooled)

This Isuzu 14 kW keel cooled Diesel Generator features an Isuzu 3CE1 Marine Spec Diesel Engine. 

It  has ± 1% Solid-State Voltage Regulation and runs at 1,800 RPM. The Safety Shutdown System for high coolant temperature or low oil pressure comes standard. This generator also has the following features:
*Four Point Isolation Mounts
*Air Intake Cleaner / Silencer
*Closed Crankcase Breather System
*Secondary 5 Micron Fuel Filter
*Self Bleed Fuel System
*Electric Fuel Transfer Pump
*Forged Brass Oil Drain Valve with Safety Lock


    Dimensions:            39" x 30" x 20"

    Weight:                   694 lbs

    Output (Volts):         120/240

    Output (Amps):        117/58

    Exhaust Dia:            Contact

    Fuel Line Dia:           5/16"

    Return Line Dia:       5/16"