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Generator Enclosures

Rugged Generators sometimes need rugged protection. PDG enclosures are the industry standard. To protect your investment, PDG selects only the best materials and maintains the highest level of craftsmanship.
Our Enclosures are made with Marine Grade Aluminum and are finished with industrial grade synthetic powder coating for maximum durability in the most extreme environments. Fasteners, hinges, latches, and all hardware are stainless steel. Large access doors provide ease of service and maintenance.

Acoustic and Critically silenced units use PDG's exclusive Echo-X ™ technology in their design and engineering in to meet your noise level requirements. They are lined internally with UL-94 fireproof, sound deadening foam. PDG's standard color is PDG Mesa Tan. Custom designs and colors are available. Ask about availability and pricing.


Standard Weather*

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Acoustic Level 1*

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Critically Silenced*

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Generator Enclosures For Protection and Security

Along with world-class diesel generators, PDG produces generator enclosures to keep your equipment secure and protected. Each of our generator enclosures for sale performs two key functions:

Protection From The Elements

Keep the components of your diesel generator free of debris and moisture with an aluminum generator enclosure will keep it at peak operating performance. Components are housed on top of a sturdy base with the generator enclosure encasing the wiring, cables, generator and components in marine-grade aluminum that is durable and corrosion-resistant.

Securing Your Hardware

Generator enclosures keep your components and diesel generators secure by providing a barrier from critical systems. Locking doors and removable panels give you additional peace of mind and an added layer of security while storing your diesel generator.

Soundproof Generator Boxes For Noise Control

PDG specializes in generator noise-reduction enclosures that mitigate the sound made by your diesel generator during operation. Using our exclusive Echo-X™ technology, we manufacture two varieties of sound-dampening generator enclosure: Acoustic Level 1 and Critically Silenced, which maximizes the noise control of your generator enclosure.


Frequently Asked Questions: Enclosures For Generators

Durable and duty-tough, our generator enclosures are purpose-built for you. Learn more about our products and services with some frequently asked questions regarding PDG and our aluminum generator enclosures.


What Materials Are Your Generator Enclosures Made From?

Each of our enclosures for generators are made from marine-grade aluminum which offers the highest level of corrosion resistance around. Safe for installation marine environments and all weather conditions, generator sound enclosures from PDG are built to withstand wind, water and everything in between.


Where Are Your Sound-Dampening Generator Enclosures Manufactured?

Along with our diesel generators and other products, our generator enclosures are built right here in the USA. Produced in our very own factory, we deliver the best quality to our generator enclosure customers.

How Do I Place an Order?

Contact us to discuss the purchase and installation of your diesel generator enclosure. We will work with you on sizing and location while determining whether you need a soundproof generator box onsite.

Generator Enclosure

Get Generator Enclosures For Sale Online at PDG

Aluminum generator enclosures are a must-have for the safety and security of your onsite diesel generators. PDG has been powering industries for years with custom energy solutions and high-quality enclosures for generators. Our team is standing by waiting to help you with your custom project or to answer any questions you have regarding our generators and noise-reduction enclosures. Power up with PDG and contact us about your generator enclosure needs today.

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