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Portable Diesel Generators

Get the very best portable diesel generator for your application at Powerhouse Diesel Generators. We cater to dozens of different industries and business sectors by engineering a variety of portable diesel generators for remote and mobile platforms. Additionally, our mobile generators can be customized for commercial use in a wide range of applications and projects. Harness all the power you need with a diesel portable generator from PDG today.

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Take Your Power Anywhere With a Mobile Generator

At PDG, we understand that not all companies can rely on the electrical grid to provide the power they need during business hours. We design our portable diesel generators to handle the rugged duties of everyday use when working off the grid. There's no better source for durable, dependable mobile generators. No matter how far you travel from the beaten path, PDG is there to support you with a portable diesel generator that gets the job done every time.

Industries Served By Our Portable Diesel Generators

When your company is always on the move, your generators need to be able to follow suit. Our mobile generators are built with large fuel capacities for long duty cycles and minimal operational downtime. Built for dozens of applications, our portable diesel generators are used by a variety of industries including:

  • Mobile Broadcasting

  • Offsite Construction

  • Highways

  • Mining

  • Military Defense

  • Oil and Gas

  • Agriculture

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Diesel Portable Generators

Because of our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, companies that buy mobile generators from us know that they can rely on PDG to handle any issues that may arise. Learn more about our portable diesel generators with some of our frequently asked questions.

Industries Served By Our Portable Diesel Generators

We recognize that not everyone's power requirements are the same. While we offer dozens of mobile generators that will meet many of our customer's specifications, we also build custom generators to suit your specific requirements. Our designers and engineers will work with you to determine the best course of action and design a diesel portable generator that fulfills all of your needs.

Is a Mobile Generator Different Than a Stationary Generator?

As far as internal design goes, stationary and mobile generators use similar engines and components to generate power. Most of the differences you find are in the packaging and casement. Stationary generators have hardware to secure them to a particular concrete slab or work site. Mobile generators need to be able to move, so rugged yet lightweight materials are of higher priority. Parts and components also have to be able to endure heavy vibration from long periods on highways or during offroad transport.

Why Choose a Diesel Portable Generator From PDG?

When you partner with PDG, you get more than a mobile generator. You get ongoing customer support and technical assistance from one of the most trusted names in the industry. Buying a portable diesel generator from us means you will never be alone in case something happens.

Get Your Perfect Mobile Generator From PDG

Get the very best in diesel portable generator technology and hardware when you buy from Powerhouse Diesel Generators. Engineered and built right here in the United States, PDG is a worldwide leader in mobile generators and trailers. Order a portable diesel generator today to get the very best in hardware, sales and service. Contact us for financing options or to discuss a custom build for your operation.

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