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Diesel Fuel Generator Trailers

Unlimited Trailer Options: Contact For Specs and Pricing

For the ultimate combination of power and portability, Powerhouse Diesel Generators offers diesel fuel trailer generators. Harness the full power of prime or standby generator options with the added convenience of a diesel fuel trailer to bring power with you wherever you need to go.  For a brand-new portable fuel tank trailer, PDG is the only place to turn for quality and dependability. Get your very own diesel fuel trailer generator today.


PDG also Manufactures Industrial Grade Refueling trailers.  Feel free to contact for more info

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Diesel Fuel Generator Trailers

Take your show on the road with enough power for all of your needs with a diesel fuel trailer generator from PDG. A custom generator, portable fuel tank trailer and other components from PDG will completely take care of your mobile power needs. Get a prime or standby generator built inside of a custom package to make for easy transport and deployment on your job site or remote location.

Who Uses a Portable Fuel Tank Trailer?

Several prominent industries make daily use of trailer generators and diesel fuel trailers that allow them to move around and provide power to equipment and machinery that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Trailer generators are necessary tools for the on-site energy requirements of several industries, including:

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Diesel Fuel Trailers

PDG is a single-source manufacturer of custom generator solutions and accessories. Our clients rely on us to keep their projects moving with trailer generators and portable fuel tank trailers that fuel their day-to-day operations. Learn more about Powerhouse Diesel Generators with some of our frequently asked questions.

What Is a Portable Fuel Tank Trailer?

A portable fuel tank trailer is one of many mobile support systems for diesel generators. Portable fuel tank trailers contain a large diesel gas tank and all of the necessary pumping equipment to refill portable diesel generators on remote sites. Instead of having to drag your trailer generators to a gas station, you can bring the gas station to them. Use a portable fuel tank trailer to refill generators on job sites and prevent service interruptions.

Is a Diesel Fuel Trailer Different Than a Generator Trailer?

While both are designed to help you transport your generator, a diesel fuel trailer has some added advantages over a traditional generator trailer. Diesel fuel trailers integrate expanded fuel tanks into the overall design of the generator trailer, allowing for longer duty cycles and expanded operating windows. Standard generator trailers are intended for transport of your prime or standby generator and don't contain any fuel-related parts or accessories.

Do You Build Custom Diesel Fuel Trailer Generators?

Yes! We can customize a number of different areas into your generator trailer that turn it into your very own. Our designers and engineers will work with you to incorporate all of your specifications into a seamless diesel fuel trailer generator package.

Contact PDG For Your Next Generator Trailer

Whether you need a portable fuel tank trailer or a custom generator trailer for heavy-duty equipment, Powerhouse Diesel Generators is a premier provider of diesel generator solutions. Designed and manufactured in the USA, PDG produces some of the most dependable trailer generators in the world. Contact us today to find out why PDG is one of the most trusted names in diesel fuel trailers, generators and more.

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