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Diesel Generators

Finding a diesel generator is easy when you shop with PDG. Our selection of diesel generators is designed to fit any number of applications. Whether you need a tier 4 prime duty diesel generator or a custom power package, PDG has the diesel generator for sale to fit your power requirements and specifications.

Powerhouse Diesel Generators is a premier supplier of custom power solutions. If you need a diesel-powered generator and can't find what you are looking for on our website, your very own customized power package is just a phone call away. Whether you need prime, mobile or standby diesel generators, PDG can build what you need.

What Is the Best Diesel Generator For You?

When selecting the best diesel generator for your application, it's important to know the varieties available to you. Most generators will be listed under one of three categories:


  • Prime

  • Standby

  • Mobile

Review each category to determine which diesel generator is best for you.

Prime Diesel Generators


The most common variety, prime diesel generators are what most people think of when they think about generators in general. A prime diesel generator provides power for prolonged use over days, weeks and months at a time. Another difference between prime and standby diesel generators is that prime generators meet higher emissions requirements.

Standby Diesel Generators

Used for backup power in emergencies, standby diesel generators are great as power source alternatives in case of major outages or electrical faults.

Mobile Diesel Generators

As the name implies, mobile diesel generators are designed for ease of use and portability on ships and job sites. Portable generators are sometimes more compact than prime or standby diesel generators.

Which Industries Use Diesel Generators?

Industrial applications require reliable energy solutions. That's why PDG is a trusted source for diesel generators regardless of the project or application. Our generators consider dozens of power requirements and use cases to provide the best cost-to-energy ratio. Our diesel generators are used by dozens of industries, including:

  • Oil and Gas

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Marine

  • Mining

  • Automotive

  • Agriculture

Custom Diesel Generators for Sale

Can't find exactly what you need? Powerhouse Diesel Generators can craft a custom solution that meets all of your needs. Custom power solutions don't have to be overly costly with complex parts requiring a ton of maintenance. Working with our design team, we will speak to you about your power requirements, assess how you would like your diesel generator to be packaged and develop and fabricate any custom mounting or installation hardware.

Contact PDG For Your Next Diesel Generator

When you need a diesel-powered generator, there's no better place to go than PDG. On our website, you will likely find a diesel generator for sale that suits your needs. If not, contact our team and we will start building a custom diesel generator just for you. Choose from a variety of power options and sizes at PDG, and get world-class service and support during the lifetime of your diesel generator. Partner with PDG and experience true diesel power. 

For Larger Sizes Contact: 229-671-9171

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