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Commercial & Industrial Generators 

Power up with the commercial and industrial generators for sale at Powerhouse Diesel. Each product is highly customizable and built to suit our client's needs and industry requirements. PDG is a premier provider of diesel and natural gas generators for sale around the world. With stationary, prime and mobile generator classifications available in a wide range of power outputs and duty cycles, there is nothing that PDG can't build to complete the work you need. Check out our custom, industrial and commercial generators for sale today.

Diesel Stationary

Diesel Prime/Mobile Tier 4


Natural Gas/Propane Stationary

Natural Gas/Prime Mobile

Backup and Emergency Commercial Generators For Sale

For alternative power supplies when the main grid lines fail, the emergency generators for sale from PDG shine through. Offering powerful support for your electrical needs during times of severe weather or electrical grid instability, our commercial generators are world class emergency and standby power providers that preserve your business operations.

Disruptions to your business — manufacturing operations, data centers, medical facilities or emergency services — simply can't happen. When you rely on a commercial generator to provide the power you need, there's no better name to trust than PDG. We'll build the best commercial generator that covers all of your needs.

Custom Industrial Power Solutions

The heaviest industrial applications require the most powerful energy solutions. Built for long duty cycles and repeated use, our industrial generators for sale cover all of your rugged power needs. Developed with dozens of industries and applications in mind, our industrial generators include versatile Tier 4 certified power units that provide continuous operation with limited emissions. Industrial generators for sale from PDG are used in dozens of applications, including:

  • Mining

  • Oil and Gas

  • Construction

  • Shipping

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Mobile Broadcasting

Stationary, Prime and Mobile Diesel Generators Available

The Big Three of diesel generators for sale are all available at PDG. Choose the power option you need for your application and let Powerhouse Diesel Generators customize a generator to your satisfaction.


Used for backup power. Designed for emergency use in case of utility failure or fault in conventional power supply.


Used for the continuous, daily operation of equipment and other needs. Prime generators from PDG are Tier 4 certified to meet EPA emission standards.


Mobile generators are designed for portability either through storage or integration. Any generator not required to remain in a fixed location for operation is considered mobile.

Outfit Your Fleet With Marine Generators for Sale

In addition to commercial and industrial generators, we also supply companies, enterprises and individuals with marine generators to meet the unique challenges of oceanic applications. Marine generators are heavily used by the shipping industry for loading and offloading as well as onboard operations while the engines are shut down.

Get PDG Power With Commercial and Industrial Generators for Sale

As a premier provider of custom generators, PDG welcomes the challenge and opportunity of helping companies meet their unique power demands. Our custom generators for sale can be modified, fitted, repackaged and designed to match your specific project requirements. Choose from our vast selection of industrial and commercial generators for sale to find the right solution for you. Order a new natural gas or diesel generator from PDG today.

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