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GM 60 kW Generator Natural Gas/Propane

GM 60 kW Generator Natural Gas/Propane

Brand New!
60 kW 1800 RPM Propane fueled Genset
GM 5.7 Liter Engine
Durable, reliable, emission-compliant liquid-cooled engine

Unlike many competitors Powerhouse Diesel Gensets include the starting battery and all fluids! Units are delivered turn key ready.

Alternator Specifications:
60 kW Continuous (60,000 watts)
4 Pole, 1800 RPM, 12 Wire
12 Wire, 3 Phase, can be wired for the following:
Shipped from factory with SX460 or AS440 AVR Wired for 277/480 volts.
Can be wired for the following:
120/240 Single Phase, Zig Zag
120/208 3 Phase, low wye
240 3 Phase, Delta

These generators are of the synchronous dripproof salient 4 pole rotating field self excitation and constant voltage, with insulation of class H. These generators are very heavy and rugged in construction and easy to maintain and are built to IEC standards.

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