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250 kW Single Bearing

250 kW Single Bearing

250 kW PDG Industrial

Model# 274K

PDG INdustrial Alternators are manufactured for all ac generator set configurations in the range of 10 to 600 kVA at 50Hz and 10 to 600kVA at 60Hz.  They are well known for their versatility in many applications including: Industrial, marine, offshore, commercial, construction, rental, combined heat and power, parallel operation, peak shaving, telecommunications mining and other standby or continuous applications.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Model# MX341

The MX341 is a two phase sensed Automatic Voltage Regulator and forms part of the excitation system for a brushless generator.  Excitation power is derived from a three phase permanent magnet generator (PMG), to isolate the AVR control circuits from the effects of non-linear loads and to reduce radio frequency interference on the generator terminals.


Multiple Voltages

  • 12 wire reconnectable winding

Enhanced Performance

  • Improved motor starting and short circuit maintenance
  • PMG
  • Over and under AVR voltage sensing

Reduced Operational Cost

  • Reduced generator assembly time
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