John Deere 65 kW Marine Diesel Generator (Keel Cooled)

John Deere 65 kW Marine Diesel Generator (Keel Cooled)

This John Deere 65 kW keel cooled Diesel Generator features a John Deere Marine Spec Engine. 

It  has ± 1% Solid-State Voltage Regulation and runs at 1,800 RPM. The Safety Shutdown System for high coolant temperature or low oil pressure comes standard. This generator also has the following features:
*Four Point Isolation Mounts
*Air Intake Cleaner / Silencer
*Closed Crankcase Breather System
*Secondary 5 Micron Fuel Filter
*Self Bleed Fuel System
*Electric Fuel Transfer Pump
*Forged Brass Oil Drain Valve with Safety Lock


    Dimensions:            65" x 32" x 38"

    Weight:                   Contact

    Output (Volts):         120/240

    Output (Amps):        500/250

    Exhaust Dia:            3.5"

    Fuel Line Dia:           Contact

    Return Line Dia:       Contact


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