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WEG 1150 kW Generator Head

WEG 1150 kW Generator Head

WEG’s extensive experience in design and manufacturing has resulted in a modern world class product range of brushless synchronous alternators for the global market. WEG Alternators are suitable for a wide range of continuous, prime and standby applications including Industrial, Agriculture, Marine, Commercial, Mining, Healthcare and others. WEG is the largest manufacturer of AC Brushless Alternators in the world.

  • Product Info

    • Model                             PDG634G          
    • kW                                  1150
    • RPM                               1800
    • Hz                                   60
    • Bearing                          Single
    • AVR                                PMG
    • Weight                            6305
    • HP Requirement            Diesel 1769
    • HP Requirement            Gas 2300
  • Specifications

    Coming Soon!

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